Get Rid Of Bees

Need to get rid of bees in a building?

First identify what kind of bees you have:

  • Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets
    • Nests made of paper for their brood
      • Wasp & Hornet nests are usually exposed and visible [on or sometimes inside the eves, under porches & decks, etc.]
      • Yellow Jacket nests are usually in the ground, but sometimes inside a wall using a small crack or crevice for entrance
    • These bees can be killed with insecticide in the evening and their nests removed, if possible, without worry about attracting any other pests.
  • Honey bees
    • A honeybee hive is made of wax comb for brood and honey.
    • Rarely do honey bee hives have exposed comb. They are usually constructed inside walls or below floors.
    • Kill these bees without removing the hive, and you invite many unwanted guests back into your walls: ants, mice, and possibly more bees.

Yes, get rid of bees that are pests!

But, transplant honey bees to a new home!

There are two methods of honey bee hive removal from a building:

  1. Cutouts - Remove the covering material over the comb and remove the hive comb
  2. Trap outs - You trap the bees out by preventing them from being able to reenter the original hive and providing a new hive for them to move into. (the bees are able to get back into the original hive and take all their honey to the new hive after the new home has been strongly established.)

Both methods are necessary to keep other critters (ants, and other insects) from coming back to collect the leftover honey and brood left behind in the comb. It will also prevent the original bees from building all over again.

Base pricing for bee removal is normally about the same for either of these methods:

  • The Cutout is “quicker,” but more labor intensive…~5 hours for 1 man to 8+ hours for 2 men, depending on size of the colony, location of hive in the structure, and amount of finish work to be done by the beekeeper [this should be discussed before work begins].
  • The Trap Out takes longer…much longer [6 weeks to 2-1/2 months depending on the size of the colony, the amount of resources they have stored in the hive, and the tenacity of the queen and her colony]. Although the labor to set it up is not as intense as a cutout, this method requires weekly site visits, and extra gasoline, to check on the status of the trap out and see what is happening with the process.

Of course if you have yellow jackets or wasp those are easily (but carefully) taken care of. You can call a local pest control company for that. It is not hard to get rid of bees that do not leave comb, brood and honey in your walls.

Do you need to get rid of bees at your home or business? Fill out the Contact Us form and we will follow up with you on getting rid of the bees.

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