Beekeeping Kit

"How to start beekeeping?" That is the question!

Of course you need to put together a beekeeping kit that has everything you need to get setup and going.

You also need to find some resources to learn what to do. You can find books on beekeeping for beginners, and do searches on the Internet for websites like Beekeeping Forums. Read, read, read, and read some more!

You also need to find that mentor which can help answer your questions and help teach you all the beekeeping for beginners information.  While you are searching for websites, search for Beekeeping Clubs in your area. These meetings are filled with beekeepers with all kinds of varying experience. Someone there will surely answer any question you have.

The beekeeper that mentored me says, " Bees are bees and they do as they please." Sometimes having a beekeeping kit, the best mentors, knowing all the beekeeping for beginners information and how to start beekeeping will not keep the bees from surprising you! Just jump in and enjoy the process as you keep these wonderful creatures! The main thing is to start keeping bees!

Required Items for Your Beekeeping Kit!

I recommend you start with a kit that includes:

  • 2 - Deep Supers, unassembled
  • 20 - Deep Grooved Top Bar Frames, unassembled
  • 20 - Sheets Plastic Based Foundation
  • 1 - Screened Bottom Board, unassembled
  • 1 - Telescoping Metal Clad Top Cover, unassembled
  • 1 - Wood Inner Cover
  • 1 - Entrance Reducer
  • 1 - Entrance Feeder
  • 1 - Hive Tool
  • 1 - Bee Brush
  • 1 - Smoker
  • 1 - Smoker Fuel 1 lb. (optional - Pine Needles are excellent Fuel)
  • 1 - Veil
  • 1 - Sting Resistant Gloves

What to do with Your Beekeeping Kit!

The deep supers will give your bees plenty of brood area to expand into. Plastic foundation is easy to use and great for starters.  Once your frames are assembled it is easy to pop into the frame.

I recommend you purchase everything unassembled because it is cheaper, and it also gives you an opportunity to understand how everything fits together. The more you know about your equipment, the better you will be able to figure out how to fix issues that may come up keeping your bees.

If you purchase a package of bees as you starter colony, you will definitely need to feed your bees while they build comb for the queen to begin laying eggs in and for nectar and pollen storage. Thus the entrance feeder. This gives the hive a ready source of food close by that they don't have to work hard for.

The Hive Tool is essential for taking your hive apart when you are doing inspections, and the brush helps gets bees out of the way when your are inspecting. Your veil and gloves will protect you from stings as you work with your bees. [But, don't get the idea that they are perfect! Sooner or later you will get stung...It goes with the business.]

Once you have all these items ready to go and your bees in your new hive, you will officially be a Beekeeper! You have years ahead of you of interesting, fascinating fun as you keep your bees healthy and comfortable in their new home. Soon you will have the opportunity to enjoy the #1 benefit of the your hive...HONEY!

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