" No Bees... No Honey... No Work...
No Money ! "

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live." - Albert Einstein [supposedly]

Bees and Honey

No Bees... No honey?! Absolutely! Honey only comes from bees!

Honey is only one of the wonderful benefits of keeping bees. It's antibiotic, anti-allergenic, and some think anti-viral. As long as it is kept in a sealed container it will not spoil. It will "sugar" or crystallize over time, but this is not spoiling...reheating slowly in  warm water will make it flow again.

Wax, pollen, and propolis are other products of the hive besides honey.

Bees and Work

No Work?! Ask any beekeeper and they will tell you that beekeeping takes work.

There is one queen, who can lay up to a thousand eggs a day, and thousands of female worker bees that spend all their lives working in the hive building the comb; raising the young; foraging for water, pollen, and nectar; and making the honey.

We gather the honey...a somewhat labor intensive task. Of course, that is after we catch their swarms, or remove them from our buildings, and set them up in hives

Bees and Money

One in three bites of food we eat is directly related to pollination. Yes, honey bees are know for honey, but in the process of making their honey, they pollinate the flowers so they can produce fruit and seeds.

I am committed to rescuing and caring for honey bees and to the art of beekeeping from the beginner to the professional. The more we can do to save the honey bee, the longer we survive! And, the sweeter our life will be!

Sometimes our honey making friends take up residence in the walls of our homes, leaving us with a need to find a way to get rid of bees without injuring them, and without leaving the honey and brood behind for an infestation of insects.

Do you need bee removal services?

Find a local bee keeper that can do removal in your area. Or, register as a local bee keeper so you can be found when needed. If you are local in Knoxville TN I do cut outs and trap outs and will come collect swarms. If you want our rates click on the link for Bee Removal services. Even if you are not in our area we can link you up with beekeepers in your area that will do this service for you.

Get Started in Your Own Back Yard

Being part of the beekeepers community has changed my life. These little creatures are wonderful, fascinating and very complex. They benefit our lives in so many ways both noticed and unnoticed.

Maybe you are like me.... You have been to the meetings, researched supplies, even read up on the subject -but never got started for one reason or another.

Don't hesitate any longer! Keeping bees is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Not only does it give me great satisfaction, but it is helping our environment. Bees are in danger, and we can help.

So, whether you are an enthusiast or just a weekend bee keeper looking for a few thousand more little friends this is the hobby for you, you never know you may even end up with a new full time job. (That you love!!)

Honey Recipes

List your favorite or find a new one to try!

Bee Removal Services

If you see bees going in and out of a structure, you may be in for a surprise as to what is behind the wall.